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2019 Summer Calendar

July 2 - July 6Teepee Village | Mini Week6-8Co-ed$250Starts on Tuesday
July 7 - July 13Teepee Village6-9Co-ed$380
July 14 - July 19Teepee Village6-9Co-ed$360Ends on Friday night
July 21 - July 27Teepee Village6-9Co-ed$380
July 28 - August 3Teepee Village6-9Co-ed$380
August 5 - August 10Teepee Village6-9Co-ed$340Starts on Monday
August 11 - August 17Teepee Village6-9Co-ed$380
August 18 - August 24Adventure Camp9-11Co-ed$380
July 1 - July 6Western Town10-12Co-ed$340Starts on Monday
July 7 - July 13Western Town10-12Co-ed$380
July 14 - July 19Western Town10-13Co-ed$360Ends on Friday night
July 21 - July 27Western Town12-14Co-ed$380
July 28 - August 3Western Town12-14Co-ed$380
August 5 - August 10Western Town10-12Co-ed$340Starts on Monday
August 11 - August 17Western Town | Girls Week11-14Girls$400
August 18 - August 24Western Town | Teen Week14-17Co-ed$380
August 18 - August 24Western Town | Boys Wilderness14-17Co-ed$380
August 18 - August 24Western Town | Boys Wilderness14-17Boys$380
July 1 - July 20WIT | Wrangler In Training15-17Co-ed$720
July 1 - July 20LIT | Leaders In Training15 -17Co-ed$720
July 21 - July 27Horse Lover's Program | Beginner / Intermediate12-14Co-ed$460 
July 28 - August 3Horse Lover's Program | Beginner / Intermediate12-14Co-ed$460 
August 11 - August 17Horse Lover's Program | Beginner / Intermediate11-14Girls$460Full
August 11 - August 17Creative Arts Program11-14Girls$420
August 18 - August 24Horse Lover's Program | Advanced14-17Co-ed$460

This chart is updated regularly, but availability may be different than what is shown above. For most up-to-date session availability, we recommend that you use our online registration. All camps are overnight.

Registration Opens in November!

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Financial Assistance


Circle Square Ranch wants every child to be able to have a summer camp experience and to that end, we endeavour to have scholarships available for campers who would not otherwise be able to attend our camp.