Ages 12-17 // Co-ed Program

Ages 12-17

Co-ed Program

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Horse Specialty Camps are specifically designed for horse enthusiasts. Programs are geared towards junior and senior highschool students with focused training in several levels of horsemanship, including Wrangler training for those interested in potentially working as horsemanship staff in the future. Opportunity will also be given to learn about God’s love and to discuss what a relationship with Him could look like.

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This camp program is for anyone interested in learning and being around horses! In this program we will be geared toward developing riding ability and will also include topics such as stable management and basic horse care. This is a great opportunity for those just starting out with horses and who would love to spend more time with them beyond the regular camp horse program.
This program is great for those who have a grasp on the basics of riding and are ready to build on their horsemanship skills. This program gives you the opportunity to spend more time with horses beyond the regular camp horse program and will include an evening trail ride and evening sessions based on specialty horse activities (ex: Bareback riding, groundwork, etc. *Note: this is selected based on group interest and ability). This program is great for anyone who has previously been a part of horsemanship at camp or for those who have horse experience outside of camp and are looking to expand on their skills in an encouraging group setting. For more information on whether or not this is a good fit for you please call the camp office or check out our Checkpoint List below.


Intermediate Horsemanship Checklist:



  • I can stop, turn and back up a horse
  • I am comfortable on a horse at a walk and jog/trot
  • I have done a controlled lope/canter on a horse
  • I am comfortable riding a horse outside of an arena



  • I can saddle a horse with little to no assistance
  • I am comfortable performing basic ground handling tasks such as grooming and leading a horse

This program is geared for those who want to begin fine tuning their horsemanship skills. This program explores riding at a more technical level in the arena as well as ground training, horsemanship theory and trail rides! Ultimately, this is a great program to meet people who share your passion for horses and to be encouraged in leadership as staff seek to help you grow in partnership with your horse. Personal horse experience is required for this program. For more information on whether or not this is a good fit for you please call our camp office or check our Checkpoint List below:


Advanced Horsemanship Checklist:

  • I am comfortable at all basic gaits on a horse (walk, jog, trot, lope/canter) and can perform these gaits
  • I am familiar with the following terminology: Leg yielding, leads, transitions, posting diagonals
  • I ride regularly outside of camp and/or am involved in a recreational riding club (4H, lessons, etc.)
  • I am comfortable riding horses outside of an arena
Spanning three weeks, our Wranglers In Training (WIT) program runs alongside our Leaders In Training (LIT) program. This program is geared for teens who want to become extraordinary servant leaders and influencers at camp and in their home, school or church communities. Our Bible studies and character-building activities help teens deepen their faith and explore their questions about God while they learn everything from how to run a camp program to how to provide mentorship to a younger child. This is an exciting program providing both spiritual and practical training.


WIT also includes practical horsemanship training as well as learning to run our regular camp horse programs and leading/mentoring kids. This is a great program for those who are looking to serve at camp with the horsemanship program as well as in other leadership roles on staff (this includes cabin leading). Horse experience is a requirement (Please contact the office for more information).